ReCore Xbox One Load Times Will Be Reduced


One of the latest exclusives to land on the Xbox One and the PC platform is ReCore, a video game that was in development between Armature Studio and Comcept. While there have been issues that popped up for the game, one major hold back for the title on Xbox One seems to be the loading times.

Since the video game released, the development teams have been closely paying attention to fan feedback where it was apparent that the loading times on the Xbox One could be reduced. This is something that the developers are actively working on now and will soon be patched, according to the post made on the ReCore website.

Within this update, the loading times for the Xbox One and Xbox One S will improve, but the developers do want gamers to keep in mind that depending on what areas are loading could vary on the amount of time it takes before players can continue on their adventure.

“Thank you very much for all the comments, likes, shares, and general feedback about your experience playing ReCore during the past week. We’ve enjoyed seeing your first impressions of ReCore and welcoming many more of you into the community. The more, the merrier!

With that said, we want you to know that we’ve been listening closely, and the number one thing you’ve mentioned you’d like to see improvements on is load times. We heard you, we appreciate your patience, and we have good news!

An update will be released this week for Xbox One and Xbox One S that will improve load times on those platforms. Keep in mind, some areas may continue to take more time than expected to load because they are larger zones, but we hope this update improves your overall experience traveling through Far Eden.”

This update will release this week so gamers won’t have to deal with those overbearing loading screen for too much longer.