Runescape: Idle Adventures Now Available on Steam Early Access for PC

unnamedJagex (Runescape) and Hyper Hippo (AdVenture Capitalist) today have announced Runescape: Idle Adventures is now available on Steam Early Access.

This engaging story is delivered in chunks of 90 second time blocks. The amazing part about this is that an engaging narrative is delivered with just a minute or two of play. Depending on whether they are an “idle” or “adventurous” type of gamer, all will be drawn in.

Players create and take on the role of a blue-skinned immortal of mysterious origins, exploring Runescape’s iconic world in a brand new adventure. They will discover the power of the Artefact as they battle monsters, challenge the gods, and grow cabbages– all while possibly doing other things like waiting for games to load or movies to stream.

Progress can be made even with Idle Adventures isn’t being played, so even very tough quests can be completed with time.

“The idle genre is the perfect fit for RuneScape‘s legendary fantasy tale – our humor, world-ending monsters, lovable characters, and huge medieval landscape has been captured perfectly in this cracking title,” said Mark Ogilvie, design director, RuneScape.
“In fact, the true spirit of RuneScape has guided us throughout development – collaborating with our community throughout the beta and adopting our more laid-back approach to adventure. Most excitingly though, it’s allowed us to tell new stories through a new pair of eyes, and deliver a game that hits the mark for any idle, RPG or MMO fan.”
Runescape: Idle Adventures is now available on Steam Early Access and is set for a full launch on PC and mobile platforms later in 2016.