Niantic Now Banning Pokemon Go Accounts


Pokemon Go has been a massive video game release that has spread contagiously across the world. It seems just about everyone, from young to old, has been hunting down a variety of Pokemon creatures around their area. However, there has been a pretty big selection of gamers who have used third-party applications and services that gave them a slight edge to the game.

It’s those gamers that have used third-party applications that will be banned from Pokemon Go and we suspect that the number of banned accounts will be rather large. The news first came to everyone’s attention from a Reddit post that showcased a notification they received alerting that their account has been banned.


We assumed that there would be some type of action taken against those select players that used GPS spoofing to allow their character to be in more populated areas to catch Pokemon, but it seems that any third-party application used to a gamers advantage is considered illegal and will ban players.

The list of application that will ban players include the eve popular Pokevision, which was highly used within the Pokemon Go community while the application GPS indicator was faulty. There is a form that gamers can fill out if they believe their account ban was made from an error, but we suspect that this will take gamers a lengthy amount of time before a Niantic employee is able to process the request.