Natural Disasters Coming To Cities: Skylines


Let’s face it. In reality, our towns and cities aren’t always peaceful and sunny all the time. The truth is that they’re prone to the cruel fist of Mother Nature whenever she feels like striking out. In the new Cities: Skylines expansion pack, you’ll get to experience all that and more.

The thing about this expansion is that it doesn’t just add devastating events like meteors or widespread wildfires. It takes the simulation a step further and adds preparation and recovery mechanics to the process. The astute Mayor could save hundreds of lives with the proper warning systems and emergency evacuation routes. The addition of a new radio network gives a chance to get the message out about impending disaster quickly. But if the worst still comes to pass, they can also lead the townspeople on their recovery and rebuilding efforts to return things back to the way they were. In the Scenario Editor, you can create your own custom objective map and win conditions, then share them with other people on the Steam Workshop.

If you haven’t heard of Cities: Skylines, it’s a city-builder simulation that basically carries the torch of the classic Sim City games to the next generation of gamers. As the mayor, it’s your job to build a functional and prosperous city from the ground up, and work to maintain that peace and order as much as possible.

The expansion is set to arrive this Winter. Cities: Skylines is available now on PC (Mac/Linux). For more updates, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.