PS4 Specs Supposedly Leaked

Smart bets, depending on who you ask, is that the above image is a fabrication, a fiction, something that someone with too much time on their hands have done between homework and bed time. Considering that it shows not only the specs for the PlayStation 4, but an absolute powerhouse of a console far beyond what people expect (or could justify the cost of in a console), perhaps they have a right to be cynical.

Claiming to fix "all major critiques" to the PS3, the PS4 would boast 20GBs of ram, a new cell processor @3.2 GHz and backwards compatibility across the whole PlayStation range of home consoles, the console envisioned by this design sheet IS far too good to be true. And despite it claiming to use a Nvidia GPU – Sony were apparently jumping to AMD – and the cost for a machine like this being above what a console gamer would be willing to pay, I could see something like this far surpassing the 10-year lifespan set in the descriptor.

There are other things that set alarm bells ringing and I'm sceptical that this is anything but a rather well designed fake, but, still, some people are no doubt going to grasp onto this as the standard that Sony should be setting themselves.

For a full sized picture, click here.