Dragon Quest X Officially Revealed For Nintendo NX & PlayStation 4

Dragon Quest has been a successful video game series and one of the more recent titles, Dragon Quest X, was released for PC, Wii, and Wii U, in Japan. Now, thanks to an interview between the video game title producer Yosuke Saito and Famitsu, it was revealed that the game will be heading towards the Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4.

Originally, the announcement was first revealed by Square Enix before they quickly retracted their statements. Now the video game has once again been revealed for the Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4.

Likewise, it was also not revealed as to if this Dragon Quest video game title will make its way outside of Japan. This is the first title within the longstanding franchise that has yet to make it towards other regions. Being an MMO that has already released within Japan, a launch on new consoles that will make its way to other regions will likely cause a spike of interest for the video game.

It’s important to also note that within the interview, which was translated by IGN, there was no mention of Dragon Quest XI. When Square Enix revealed that Dragon Quest X was going to release on the Nintendo NX and the PlayStation 4, there was also statements of Dragon Quest XI would also follow suit.

For the meantime, take a look at the Dragon Quest X game gallery down below along with the trailer posted above.