Rockstar Games Will Announce New Projects Soon

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While it seems like we’ve been waiting for a new video game reveal from Rockstar Games for quite a while now, that wait seems to be coming towards an end. It’s been highly rumored upon for the past few months that Rockstar Games would be making some type of big announcement and for the most part, gamers have speculated that it would be the next Red Dead video game.

According to GameSpot, Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two has made a slight mention as to what will come in the near future. This news supposedly came from a financial results report, where the publisher revealed that Rockstar Games will have some exciting projects to announce soon.

What these projects are at the moment has yet to be hinted at. Though as mentioned earlier, there has been quite a bit of speculating that Rockstar Games will be heading back to the old west once again with the Red Dead franchise.

Likewise, we could see some type of expansion announcement for Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve seen plenty of content in regards to the online division for Grand Theft Auto V, but there has yet to be any additional story campaigns added into Los Santos.

Since both franchises have been incredibly popular for Rockstar Games, we’re excited to see what may come up in the near future. With Gamescom coming up shortly, there’s a good chance Rockstar Games and Take-Two will use this opportunity in revealing their new big projects.