13 DUMB Yet Hilarious Weapons in Video Games


From the combined universes of all video games ever, we get a collection of weapons that break the boundaries of creativity. Gameranx has compiled a list of 13 very silly devices.

  • The Junk Jet: From the recent Fallout games, capable of launching any miscellaneous item you feed into it at unsuspecting foes.
  • Pepper Grinder: This is from Alice: Madness Returns, you’re tasked with peppering some pick snouts, and you get to keep this weapon afterwards. It fires at machine gun speeds. Definitely helpful!
  • Cat Silencer: In Postal 2 you can take a cat, shove a gun barrel up its anus, and presto! You… now have quite a mess on your hands.
  • Mr. Toots: A weapon in Red Faction: Armageddon that happens to be a unicorn who shoots lasers out it’s butt. The beams of rainbow disintegrate the environment and rain death on your enemies.
  • Bane: A submachine gun from Borderlands 2. It screams violently when you shoot it, and it causes the player character to slow down significantly when it’s equipped.
  • Anal Probe: The classic from Destroy All Humans. Use it on the innocent townsfolk and you’ll find them shitting themselves as their brains are extracted via rectum.
  • Shrink Ray: It shows up in Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Forever. You shrink enemies down, allowing you to squash em.
  • Land Shark Gun: Armed and Dangerous features this strange device, that shoots out a miniaturize shark that rapidly matures and crushes opponents in their jaws.
  • Kitty Cannon: This Sunset Overdrive weapon shoots stuffed cats, allowing you to take advantage of a giant robot dog that blows up forces in the surrounding area when it rushes to investigate the squeaky toy.
  • Foam Finger Gun (Hand Cannon): A Dead Space 2 armament that seems to be the product of Isaac’s imagination.
  • Gunchucks: A weapon from Bayonetta that defeats the purpose of itself. Swinging around nunchucks that are also revolvers can go very wrong, very fast.
  • Inflato-Ray: Saints Row 4 device that expands the size of civilians, aliens, and other objects to explosive lengths.
  • Qwack-O-Ray:  This comes from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Turn your fearsome enemies into cute little ducks.