Players Experience Frustration With Pokemon Go App Update

It seems that this newest update released by Niantic has left many Pokemon Go players less than satisfied. This new update was released over the weekend and the patch hasn’t seen very much of a successful reception.

One of the major issues that players had been having and had hoped to see fixed was the tracker system.

Dubbed the “three steps bug” all Pokemon were shown with the same number of steps, three, instead of the varying numbers of footprints that are supposed to indicated the player’s distance from a given Pokemon.

The glitch never reduced these amounts of footprints to less than three steps, so the system was essentially rendered useless.

Niantic removed the tracking system altogether, much to the chagrin of many players who were hoping to see it fixed.

However, Niantic and Nintendo in addition to this shut down multiple third-party Pokemon Go tracking sites. These include tools like Pokevision, which was taken down per Niantic’s request.

The reason being is that Niantic stated the tools relied on “hacking” and players who used them were considered to be “cheating”.  However, a tool like Pokemapper, which relies on use reports, seems to still be functional.

What is certain is that Pokemon Go players are left without a reliable tracking system and will likely have to rely on Pokestop Lure Modules, or just plain old-fashioned luck.