Infinium Strike Gets Broken Overlord DLC in 2017

BrokenOverlordHeaderThe game developers of Infinium Strike, Codex Worlds, have announced their plans for a DLC expansion to the base game, set to arrive sometime in 2017. See the teaser trailer they’ve just uploaded, giving you a hint of what’s to come.

The Wrog continue to be a plague on societies all across space. They’ve managed to capture a species of powerful beasts called the Bubba, and mind-control them in order to harness them in a extermination campaign on humanity. In order to fight back, two new ships have been created specifically for this cause. Freedom Void is able to disrupt this grasp the Wrog has on the Bubba race, and the Nuke Avenger is equipped with nukes in order to take down the portals the Wrog use on the battlefield. The Broken Overlord DLC will have a mini-campaign where these new ships will feature as you take them across a series of inter-connected missions. In addition to that, there will be a new enemy ship called the Bertha Thief, plus new customization decals and themes you can use to deck out your stuff.

For those of you unaware, Infinium Strike is a game where humanity is brought down to it’s knees on the intergalactic front, when they come into contact with a race known as the Wrog. The only weapon they’ve got left is a huge battlecarrier known as Freedom Strike – a massive ship with an arsenal of turrets and drones. It’s a tactical tower defense game that hands you the keys to take the fight back and annihilate the Wrog for good.

The Broken Overlord DLC will come out in 2017 for both PC and Console versions of the Infinium Strike game. To keep in the know about development, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.