Pokémon Go Chat App Soon To Be Available From Razer

Razer-GO-768x366Razer announced that a new mobile and computer messaging app for Pokemon Go will be made available, which has been dubbed RazerGo. The web browser version is already live now on go.razorzone.com. However Android and iOS versions are expected to go live on July 25th or sooner.

It will support team colors, have a variety of chat modes, and also have pop-up chat room beacons. All of this keeps with the spirit and theme of the game. Razer has promised “seamless integration” with the game with the release of its new app.

RazerGo will allow players to discover and chat with Pokémon trainers around them. Local mode includes a 3 mile radius, regional is 60 miles, and global includes all players. Three chat modes will also be included public, team, and whisper.

An upcoming feature will allow users to drop “beacons” on the map that other players can view and interact with. This will unlock a regional chatroom. However, the app is unofficial as it is not affiliated with the game or endorsed by Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, or Niantic Labs.