(Rumor) New Battletoads Image Leak Found Online


Back in the early 1990s, Rare’s Battletoads was a massive hit. This was an old school beat ‘em up platformer where players controlled a mutant warrior known as a Battletoad. Their overall goal was to track down and defeat the evil Dark Queen and rescue your longtime friends. Today, a leaked image was discovered as a Microsoft Xbox One listing reveals Rare’s and Microsoft’s interest in seeing a reboot to this once popular series.

The image popped up on Twitter earlier today by user 4K SuperSonicWolf which shows off a possible Battletoads reboot. However, there are some red flags that are popping up with several gamers labeling this image as a fake.

For one, the image in question is blurry and the credited source has yet to make mention of where the image originally came from. However, with Gamescom right around the corner, there could be potential that Rare is, in fact, prepping to announce a Battletoads remake.

While the image is blurry, the description displayed has been deciphered online where it reads as follows.

“Set in Oxnard, California, three school student surfers. The trio is given the ability to transform into anthropomorphic toads with superhuman strength with the ability to make your arms and legs weapons in techniques called “Smash Hits.” They must protect Professor T. Bird and Princess Angelica Queen of Darkness, who plans to steal the magical charm of the Princess to his plans to dominate the universe, back on Xbox One.”

What do you think of the newly found image? Let us know if you would be interested in playing a Battletoads remake by leaving us a comment down below.