Dead Space Story Producer Clarifies Criticism Towards Gears of War

Gears of War 3

Dead Space story producer Chuck Beaver gave an interview with Eurogamer earlier today, in which he criticized the writing of Gears of War as containing "atrocious, offensive violations of story basics." 

Among other things, he noted that the game had "literally the worst writing in games," but added that it "seems to have no ill effects."

Chuck Beaver has since gotten in touch with us to clarify his earlier comments, which we'll reproduce in full.

“I just wanted to jump in and clarify some of my comments that were taken out of context about Gears of War," says Beaver.

"First, let me say that I’m a huge fan. It is an epic franchise that has trail-blazed more than a few industry-leading player experiences and mechanics. It is deservedly recognized as a top-tier title. Its success as a property is evidenced by its giant sales and rabid fan base. The industry is far better for Epic’s contributions, and we all owe a great deal of inspiration to their work."

Indeed, while Epic Games' contributions to the game industry are undeniable, I personally believe that the industry could afford to criticize itself and look upon itself introspectively—if only to improve the games it has to offer.