Halo Movie Dead, No Respawns Left

It appears Microsoft, in their quest for financial prowess, has once again pushed things too far. The Halo movie sneak peek which set the internet ablaze just five short years ago has proven to be nothing more than a promise of what could have been. The Halo movie has officially been shot out of the sky.

Earlier today, reports started making themselves known. These reports stated that Microsoft was seeking a rights deal which would be "the richest, most lucrative rights deal in history,” noting that even properties such as Harry Potter were not able to get anything close to what Microsoft was asking for.

This is not the first time Microsoft has pushed potentially generation-defining material out the window because of money. Ensemble was closed directly after their release of Halo Wars, which – for many – was a huge step in the right direction concerning RTS games on consoles.

Larry Shapiro, a staff member at Creative Artists Agency says that, "Microsoft's unwillingness to reduce their deal killed the deal," and that the “movie could have been Avatar.”

This is a sad day for the industry indeed. It looks like Hollywood will not be “finishing the fight” anytime soon.

Via Shacknews