Hackers remove the Xbox 360’s 30ms ping limit for System Link.

xbox live

The Xbox 360 which has a 30ms ping limit to force gamers into paying for Xbox Live Gold, has now been taken care care of by a group of hackers. Basically, if your ping is over 30ms you cannot connect over Xbox Live and limited to activity over local networks only.

This is obviously only available to hacked Xbox 360s and according to the info released will remove the 30ms check on the key exchange from xbox to xbox
over system link.

Those of you who want to know more about the patch can follow this link.

In 2001 when Microsoft released the original Xbox, programs like Xbconnect and Xlink Kai basically opened up your local network to non-local Xboxes which allowed online multiplayer on the Xbox long before Xbox Live came out in late 2002. If you didn’t want to pay for Xbox Live, you could still play online through System Link and by the looks of things this has now been made possible on hacked Xbox 360s.