The Elder Scrolls Online Is Getting Player Homes


The Elder Scrolls Online had a big announcement during E3 with the return of The Dark Brotherhood, but it seems there will be more to look forward to in 2017, including one of the most popular feature in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Player housing.

Matt Frior confirmed that the player housing feature will be added as a part of a release schedule that focuses on smaller DLC packs. An Argonian Dungeon Pack and a Barber Shop that will let players customize their hairstyles are also bound for release next year.

“It’s interesting to see what happens when you take away the subscription model away,” Firor told VG247. “You don’t see a hardcore playstyle – like playing for six months and then quitting – we don’t see that. We have a lot of players who will play for two or three weeks because they want to get through a zone and then stop. Then they come back two months later for another month, because there’s no pressure to play all of it at once. Our DLC packs cater to that, because they’re smaller, bite-size chunks of story and associated quests.”

Elder Scrolls Online’s player housing will be released during Q1 2017. Also, The Dark Brotherhood expansion should be released on consoles today.

Source- VG247