Brand New E3 Detroit: Become Human Trailer Released

Sony’s E3 press conference for 2016 wrapped just moments ago, but one of the titles highlighted in their grand E3 event is Quantic Dream’s next adventure title, Detroit: Become Human. However, instead of featuring the previously shown off protagonist Kara, the latest trailer for Detroit: Become Human introduces gamers with the role of an android hostage negotiator.

Within the trailer, it’s become abundantly clear that these human lifelike androids have become self-aware and picked up consciousness. However, it’s a struggle to maintain life in a world where androids are considered nothing more than tools to make human life more comfortable.

Quantic Dream really emphasis the player choice and freedom to decide on how the story will evolve by going over several endings of hostage rescue attempt. Depending on what actions you select within the game could greatly affect the life of the little girl, your own android’s life, or the life of the android that has taken a little girl as a human hostage.

Details are still unknown as to how this android negotiator will link up to the previously shown off Kara protagonist. Furthermore, there is no defined release date set for this PlayStation 4 exclusive.