Harmonix Music VR Launching Alongside PlayStation VR

Harmonix Music VR will launch alongside PlayStation VR this October, developer Harmonix announced today.

It’ll feature 17 songs when it’s released, including music from Harmonix’s PlayStation rhythm game Amplitude, its bullet-hell game A City Sleeps, and an entire album curated especially for Harmonix Music VR.

And if players aren’t satisfied with the 17 songs already available, Harmonix Music VR will be able to pull from music uploaded directly to PlayStation 4.

Today, Harmonix revealed its latest trailer for The Dance experience. In total, there will be four different experience modes for players to create in—and The Dance is one wherein players will be able to create wacky dance moves for weird characters to perform. And its not only fun for the player in VR, the developer said. “Once you start a conga line on [the Harmonix Music VR] dance floor, there’s no stopping one from starting in your living room.”

Of the four experiences said to be included, Harmonix has announced three so far: The Beach, a “relaxing, surreal landscape with hidden surprises;” The Easel, “which allows [players] to create virtual 3D art that reacts to your music;” and today’s The Dance.

The developer expects to reveal more “in the months leading up to launch.”