Sega Pleads For YouTubers To Stop Uploading Sonic TV Show Episodes


If you were a fan of watching the Sonic animated television show known as Sonic Boom on YouTube then know that those free episodes will soon be taken down. This comes first from a plea by Sega in hopes that those who upload the show will take down the episodes before further actions are taken.

It may seem at first a bit of a downer that Sega is asking those who upload Sonic Boom television episodes to take them down. However, it’s a kind gesture from Sega before further actions may cause repercussions towards the uploaders YouTube account.

Sega’s blog post is a notice and alerts to its readers along with fans of the show that Sega is not trying to be a bully. It’s very clear that they are not trying to take down anyone’s YouTube account simply because they are fans of the Sonic series, thus the post is a means to gently ask those select YouTubers to refrain from further posting any Sonic Boom episodes.

Furthermore, Sega is also going out of their way to send some personal letters to the various individuals in hopes that they will be understanding and comply with their requests. If that fails to work, then Sega will have no choice but to send out copyright strikes against their accounts.

Some companies don’t even go as far as posting a request on their blog let alone send out individual emails to the YouTube uploaders. This is an awesome job on Sega’s part and one that we hope uploaders abide by.