NVIDIA Announcing New “Order of 10” Graphics Cards

NvidiaFeaturedNVIDIA is hosting a special livestream event to reveal their new GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Pascal GeForce graphics cards. The upcoming cards will have DirectX 12 and Vulkan API built-in.

WCCF Tech earlier confirmed that the naming scheme via a cooling shroud engraving.

The GTX 1080 will be the fastest Pascal card yet in 2016. Shots of the PCB reveal GDDR5X memory on board a custom PCB. The 8GB of GDDR5X will clock speeds of 10 GB/s, making the bandwith 320 GB/s.  The 256-bit memory bus and improvements in the Pascal core architecture will make Direct 12 run faster.

The GTX 1070 is a slightly downsized version of the GTX 1080, but it’ll be based on the same improved GP104 core. It’ll be targeted for lower price markets and take on AMD for people’s attention. This card will use 8 GB GDDR5 memory, to deliver a more cost effective card while still delivering on speed.