Blood and Wine DLC For Witcher 3 Gets New Cover Art

the_witcher_3_blood_and_wine_expansion_art_1 (1)

Can we just pause for a second to appreciate how badass Geralt looks in this newly revealed cover art for the latest Witcher 3 expansion pack, Blood and Wine?

There he is, just sitting in a chair, drinking some wine, without a care in the world while a hideous winged beast creeps over his head, sharp claws ready to snatch his head right off his neck. One would have to wonder what happened next in this scene. Did the beast just want to ask Geralt for a sip of his wine? Did he try to rip off Geralt’s head, only to realize that Geralt had Quen activated?

In any case, it doesn’t really reveal much in terms of what the DLC will actually be about, but more Witcher 3 is always a good thing, especially when CD Projeckt Red goes as far as to say that this upcoming DLC will be even better than the main game.¬†Blood and Wine is said to have 20-30 hours of content and will have players exploring a new region called Toussaint.

No firm release date for the expansion has been set, though rumors are circulating that the expansion could drop on June 7.