The Division’s First Incursion, Falcon Lost, Trailers Up

Ubisoft has released a trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division’s first incursion, Falcon Lost, which shows players what they can expect when they the update goes live tomorrow.

“Incursions are our most difficult and most highly rewarding challenges in the game,” developer Mathias Karlson recently said of Falcon Lost. “With that degree of challenge, we need to match that with rewards. It’s going to be the toughest thing you can do but also the source of the coolest stuff.”

April update 1.1, which adds incursions into the game, also introduces new elements to the Dark Zone, additional gear sets, and limited group trading. The update will become available during the regularly scheduled maintenance downtime tomorrow.

During a recent Ubisoft Twitch stream, it was confirmed that the shared world shooter will not be playable for three hours but players will be able to download the April update during the downtime. As soon as the servers are functioning again, update 1.1 will also go live.

This weekly maintenance is set to begin at 08:00 UK/Irish time, 09:00 CET, 00:00 PT, and 03:00 ET.

The update will come in at between 4 GB and 4.7 GB depending on which system you’re using.

Aside from the new Falcon Lost incursion, the update will also add additional fixes for daily mission bugs and more.

It’s a busy week for MMOFPSRPG titles, as Bungie’s Destiny is also receiving its biggest update since September’s The Taken King tomorrow. You can find out to what to expect from that game’s new content here.

The Division is set in New York weeks after the outbreak of a deathly pandemic and is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.