The New Call Of Duty Will Be Nothing Like Ghosts, Have Combat In Spaceships

Call of Duty Ghosts space station
Industry insider shinobi602 is at it again, revealing new details about this year’s unannounced Call of Duty game.

shinobi602 earlier stated that this new game will have a full science fiction theme and be set in the far future. He also hinted at space combat. Now, he expands on these in a big way.

Here’s what shinobi602 stated verbatim:

This is nothing like Ghosts. We’re talking combat in spaceships (think No Man’s Sky), and not just around Earth.

And a central hub area that’s a form of living space station. Think the Battlestar Galactica loading bay. Being a mostly campaign guy, I’m pretty excited for this one.

While shinobi makes comparisons to No Man’s Sky, this new theme may simply be a reaction to the growing number of space-themed games. Not only do these include space exploration games like No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen, but RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Mass Effect Andromeda, and even other shooters like Star Wars Battlefront, which was notably scored for its lack of combat in spaceships. It would also be interesting to see if Infinity Ward connects this to their Call of Duty Ghosts or Call of Duty Modern Warfare games or sets out to build a new continuity.

Are you looking forward to Call of Duty in space? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.