Shenmue 3 Might Be Using This Mo-Cap System

Shenmue 3 Xsens
Ys Net has revealed that they have started working on motion capture for Shenmue 3, and are testing out Xsens.

So far, Ys Net have found Xsens highly responsive, and does not have a lot of noise interference. They have not decided on using Xsens yet for sure, but they will be updating backers on the final choice once it has been decided upon.

Did you notice anything interesting about that picture? They may merely be testing the technology out,  but sharp eyes may have realized that they are testing out Xsens technology near their offices, and not in a home studio. This may be because Xsens has developed special 3D motion body capture technology that can be used at home. The person demo-ing the technology is also seen doing actual martial arts moves, so Ys Net is clearly looking at advanced uses of the technology. This may mean Ys Net can easily do and re-do the capture on the fly, cutting down on potential development time, and facilitating the creation of a more polished final product.

For their past few updates, Ys Net have been sharing photos and footage of Shenmue 3 in development. Therefore, they are clearly showing quick progress as they are now starting with motion capture. We are still a long way away from their projected December 2017 release date, but thankfully we are well on our way.