Shadow of Destiny for PSP Announced by Konami

Shadow of Destiny, also known as Shadow of Memories in Asia and Europe, was released by Konami in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and it was later ported to the PC and Xbox in 2002. The game was recently released for the PSP on October 1, 2009 in Japan, and is now heading to America with a 2010 release being planned by Konami. The new version appears to feature no change in graphics, but the voice cast appears to have been switched.

In Shadow of Destiny, the main story revolves around a 22-year-old man named Eike Kusch who dies in the beginning of the game in the year 2001 in a fictional German town named Lebensbaum (Life Tree), loosely based on the actual German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, from being stabbed in the back after leaving a small diner. However, he wakes up in a dark, strange place, where a mysterious voice offers to send him back in time to prevent his death.
Given the ability to travel through time via a device known as a digipad, Eike has to visit four eras – the present day (2001), 1980, 1902 and 1580 – in which he will meet people that are all somehow connected to his life and destiny, as well as figure out a way of stopping his own murder at various points in the present.