Bully And Manhunt Released On PS4 With 1080p And Trophy Support


Manhunt and Bully, two of Rockstar’s classics from the last generation have been re-released on the PlayStation 4 without much fanfare whatsoever. The two games have been remastered (or at least upscaled) to display at a higher resolution of 1080p and offer support for Trophies, so you’ll have good reason to go through these titles once again even if you’ve already beaten them before.

The two games can both be purchased for £11.99/€14.99 and are only currently available in Europe, as of the time of this writing. They may appear in the North American store the next time Sony issues a store update this week.

Manhunt, the earlier of the two games, was released in 2003 to massive controversy for its depiction of violence. It put players in the shoes of a convict named James Earl Cash, who’s detained in a SAW-like facility, where he must kill other convicts and gang members for the entertainment of his keepers. The game combines stealth action and horror and rewards players for murdering other men in the most brutal fashion possible.

Bully, meanwhile, was released in 2006 puts players in the shoes of a boarding student named Jimmy Hopkins, who’s left to fend for himself at the Bullworth Academy. Jimmy must navigate the school’s web of cliques and student politics to rise to the top.

You can pick up Manhunt and Bully from the PlayStation Store. The links will work if you’re in Europe.