Bloodborne Is Receiving An Official Card Game


Bloodborne first released by development team FromSoftware on March 24, 2015. The game followed the Hunter who battled through the city of Yharnam after a blood-borne disease flooded through its inhabitants. Overall, since Bloodborne’s release, the game received a critical acclaim reception, you can even check our review roundup here. Now a couple years later, the game will be receiving an official card game by card game and board designer Eric Lang.

Eric Lang has been working on several card and board games which include Blood Rage, XCOM: The Board Game, Warhammer 40K Conquest, Arcadia Quest, among others. If you’re a follower of Eric Lang then you know he enjoys posting about secret projects and as of right now, Eric has nearly ten secret projects in the work right now. Today we’re finding out that one of those secret projects he was working on which was formally known as Codename: Dream, has been revealed to be Bloodborne, the official card game.

There’s not too much information released quite yet about this upcoming Bloodborne card game yet but we do know that this will be based around the Chalice Dungeon runs. Players will supposedly have to deal with inventory management and upgrades while playing through this intense card game which will last about a thirty minutes. Furthermore, there are no details as to when the game will be officially released though we’re curious, are you interested in a Bloodborne card game? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.