Trine Released on US Playstation store for $19.99

Trine, a 2D Action-Adventure Platformer, which was released for the PC in July is now available at the Playstation Store and can be downloaded for $19.99(New low price). The visually stunning game from Frozenbyte which received applause for it’s presentation and art-style level design from critics and PC gamers alike is set to engage console gamers on yet another adventure.
An Xbox Live Arcade release is also in the works, and although it will be arriving after the PSN version there is a possibility it could have additional content.


In TRINE, a distant kingdom has to face a surprise attack from the combined forces of chaos and a forgotten magic. Amongst this chaos, three heroes find themselves bewitched by a powerful artifact called “TRINE“. Pontius the brave, Amadeus magnificent and Zoya the silent must stick together to free themselves from the cursed clutches of “TRINE”.
Your adventure will take you into a world of magic and humour where your nerves will also be put through a severe test:
– 15 perilous levels filled with enemies
-3 endearing characters with different powers – Heroes with progressive skills
-A quest that 1 to 3 players can play on the same console
-Lots of hidden objects to discover
-Captivating graphics and soundtrack