Metal Gear Online Cloaked In Silence DLC Will Let You Play As Quiet

Metal Gear Online Cloaked-in-Silence
Konami has revealed the details for upcoming Metal Gear Online DLC Cloaked In Silence. This expansion will finally let you play as the famed sniper, Quiet.

It also comes with three new maps, namely Coral Complex, Rust Palace, and Azure Mountain. Cloaked In Silence launches on March 15.

There will also be a new Survival mode launching on April 7. In Survival mode, teams battle it out to get the longest win streak. The longer the streak, the better rewards the teams get. If you bought the Cloaked In Silence DLC, you can play Survival mode as much as you want. If you didn’t buy it, you can play it for free ten times per week. Survival mode will use the new maps, and all players can access these maps in that way.

Cloaked In Silence and Survival Mode is available across the board in all platforms that have Metal Gear Online, namely, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Quiet was first teased as a playable character in a trailer last September. You can read prior stories about Metal Gear Online below.

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