Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal All New Maps Preview

Battlefield Hardline_ Betrayal - Chinatown
EA has shared a sneak preview at the four new maps coming to Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal.

Alcatraz is an abandoned prison island now, but the historic artifacts found within make it a worthwhile place for thieves to loot – and a place worth protecting. You have freedom to explore all around the island, from the cells to the edges of the shores.

Cemetery is a place deep in New York. This cemetery is upscale, and the history brimming between the tombstones may have something to do with the action above ground. The cemetery features some level of elevation, and there are hints different weather conditions can change the action.

Thin Ice is a map which likely won’t see much drastic weather changes. Deep in the frontier country of the Sierra Nevadas, the icy forest is littered with remains of a nasty airliner crash. Apparently loner types won’t be happy to see visiting law enforcement, and they have the lay of the land. The map name also makes it pretty obvious there will be some hazards out in the road.

Finally, Chinatown seems like a recreation of every gritty Hong Kong action drama setting. Of course the cops arrive her to bust a massive crime ring, and the bright neon lights always make a fascinating backdrop to the action. The preview also makes it clear the map comes complete with a fireworks factory, for some truly brilliant moments.

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal will be available for Battlefield Premium members this coming March 2016. EA has yet to share final dates for all players for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal will also have swords. You can read about prior DLC for Battlefield Hardline, Robbery and Criminal Activity.