New DOOM Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Good news for shooter fans: Bethesda has released information on some of the multiplayer modes to be featured in its upcoming release of DOOM. In a Feb. 22 blog post, Gary Steinman, global content lead at Bethesda, leaked some juicy details about a brand new multiplayer mode: Warpath.

Warpath is DOOM‘s take on the popular “king of the hill”-style modes, in which teams or players have to capture a specific area on the map and hold it for as long as possible against opponents. But of course, DOOM will be putting its own unique twist on this now-common standby. Like in other king-of-the-hill modes found in other games, the capture point will move based on a timer – Steinman indicated that it would follow a path around the map along a “clearly marked path.” But on the other side of the map, moving in the opposite direction, is a demon rune that will turn players into one of the series’ well-known hellbeasts – an item Steinman described in the post as “game-changing.”

“Just like the robust single-player campaign, DOOM’s multiplayer is all about pushing forward in a furiously fast firefight: no time to stop, no cowering behind cover, no sniping from the corners – this is all-out adrenaline-fueled arena-style mayhem,” Steinman wrote in his post. “The constant motion adds a unique twist to the gameplay, spurring players to move just as quickly as they do in single-player. It’s frenetic, fast and a heckuva lot of fun.”

Also announced in the post were “hack modules.” These are single-use items that players will earn based on a Call of Duty-like progression system. Steinman was keen to note that Hack Modules will only be earnable in-game; they will not be sold through microtransactions.