The Witness Speedrun Record Includes 56 Minute Break For Food

A 100 per cent¬†world record dash through Jonathan Blow’s The Witness has been recorded by speedrunner FearfulFerret at three hours, 16 minutes, and 21 seconds as reported by Eurogamer. The time includes a 56-minute break in which he leaves his apartment, drives to a restaurant, grabs a fish sandwich, and returns to continue playing – all while still on the clock.

There are spoilers below.

You might be wondering why someone attempting to perform a world record would do this and the reason is simple: one of the game’s most obscure puzzles necessitates a 56-minute wait to solve.

One of The Witness’s more sophisticated puzzle types is a set of secrets which integrate its a “trace-the-line” interface into the game’s scenery, which means players need to look at the game in a certain way. The Batman Arkham games did something similar with the Riddler trophies dotted across Gotham.

Among these hidden tracing opportunities is a 58-minute movie players are able to unlock in a subterranean movie theater. The film was inspired by a GDC talk called The Secret of Psalm 46, which was delivered by Loom and Wishbringer developer Brian Moriarty. In it, Moriarty tells the story of a hidden jewel an eclipse slowly passes over the screen as the presentation continues. Line the full moon up with one of the borders and you can begin tracing a line. You then need to wait for 56 minutes until the edge of the eclipse provides a smooth surface on which you can finish the line.

FearfulFerret begins drawing the line at the 16:39 mark and completes it at 1:12:10.¬†Even though his playthrough has plenty of mistakes, it’s still a world record.