From Today, You Can Only Have 2 Consoles Linked to a PSN Game

After some seemingly harmless PlayStation Network maintenence last night, games you purchase from now on will only be able to have two consoles linked to them. Severely limiting the ability to share a PSN game with friends, if you want to play a certain game on a different console you will be forced to deactivate one of the original two consoles.

Now it's not as bad as all that, it still seems that you'll be able to register your PSP/PS3 seperately, allowing access to a PS1 Classic on 4 consoles. That's the impression I got from this post, anyway. It's also important to note that this is only for content bought from today, everything else you've ever bought still maintains the five console policy.

It's an odd decision to have made, something that fans are certainly not going to appreciate. In theory, with the creation of the new account management website, people who genuinely buy these games for themselves rather than for sharing with others probably don't have much to worry about. But even in that we have to question: is sharing with friends really all that bad?

Sony and the developers who support them seem to think so.