Move over Rocksmith, My Note Games is in Town

Learning to play an instrument is never an easy task; it's rarely fun to begin with either. For years now, certainly when I started playing keyboard back in the mid-nineties, there has been computer software designed to ease that burden somewhat, but it used to just make me feel like I couldn't keep up. And, like with the recent Rocksmith, I always felt like I was learning a set amount of songs rather than the theory.

This is where My Note Games comes in, a new app designed by two fathers who believe practising can be made fun. Using note recognition technology, the game tells you how well you're doing and grants you awards based on that. With daily practise games and updates planned, it's hard to not want to give it a go.

My Note Games is available from the app store for free, with an upgrade for $5.99/£3.99.