Age of Mythology Expansion Tale of the Dragon Out Today

Age of Mythology Extended Edition has gotten bigger today with the release of the Tale of the Dragon Expansion.

This new update includes a fully voice acted campaign, new maps, 12 new gods from the Chinese pantheon, and the monk hero unit from Age of Empires 2 who can convert enemies and heal allies.

There are three new major gods:

  • Fu Xi, The Heavenly Sovereign: The inventor of the first writing system, Fu Xi speeds construction efforts in return for favor.
  • Nü Wa, The Earthly Sovereign: Co-creator of humanity and sister of Fu Xi, Nü Wa brings unparalleled prosperity by boosting villagers and the economy.
  • Shennong, The Human Sovereign: The Emperor of the Five Grains is credited with many agricultural inventions, and rains death with mighty siege weapons if his monks fail to convert the foe.

New God Powers include Tsunami, Inferno, Geyser, Barrage, and Dilong the Earth Dragon. The new Myth Units are the Jiangshi, undead soldiers who drain health from their enemies, the amphibious War Salamander, the Terracotta Warrior, and the Azure Dragon.

There’s also a range of new maps:

  • Basin
  • Deep Jungle
  • Old Atlantis
  • Open Fields
  • Regicide
  • Silk Road
  • Yellow River

A new map size, Giant, is available for new and existing maps as well.

Age of Mythology was originally released in October 2002 by the now defunct Ensemble Studios, with the Extended Edition launching in May 2014 on Steam from Forgotten Empires, the same studio who updated Age of Empires 2 for Valve’s client.

Tale of the Dragon is available for $9.99 on Steam.