Half-Life Writer Retires From Valve, Does Not Know Franchise’s Future

How many of you are fans of Marc Laidlaw? The author and Half-Life writer has some news that may disappoint you.

Replying to a fan, Laidlaw has confirmed that he recently retired from Valve. Asked for the reason why, Laidlaw merely cited his age and a desire to lay back and perhaps work on his own stories.

Regarding Half-Life, March has no insight on what Valve is planning to do with the franchise. He of course reiterates that the series is wholly owned by Valve.

Laidlaw won’t talk much more on his retirement, his work with Valve, Half-Life, or other issues for the moment, but he did furnish our source proofs that it was him, so there are no doubts on that end.

Marc was already a published author of many years prior to joining Valve, making his name with the novel Dad’s Nuke in 1986. He did join Valve at 1998 when they working on Half-Life, and found himself working on the story for both games.

In between Steam’s continued dominance as a PC gaming storefront, and their new endeavors with the Steam Controller, SteamOS, and Steam Machines, it’s easier to believe that Valve simply isn’t working on Half-Life right now.

Would you like Valve to make a new Half-Life game? Would you want them to reverse their current course to do so? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.