Mad Hatter Joins the Batman: Arkham City Roster

Batman's to-do list sure is getting crowded these days. Last night's episode of PSN web series Qore outed yet another foe who'll be gunning for the caped crusader in Rocksteady's Arkham City.

This time, it's Jarvis Tetch, more villainously known as the Mad Hatter. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of his new, grungier look (and white rabbit-masked goons) at the 3:38 mark in the above video.

The Hatter, whose shtick centers around mind control and an unhealthy obsession with Alice in Wonderland, brings the total list of confirmed villains in the game up to a whopping 18. At this rate, my petition to get Kite Man and Crazy Quilt into the game might just pan out after all.

The 360 and PS3 versions of Batman: Arkham City launch in the US on October 18, Australia on October 19, and the UK on October 21. The PC release will be follow sometime in November.