Target Employees Reportedly Buying Out Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Quantum Bottles

Fallout 4 fans who were disheartened by the terrible reviews of Carlsberg’s Fallout 4 beer will be happy to know that the Jones Soda/Target Nuka Cola Quantum collaboration is getting great reviews.

It’s no surprise then that Target’s website seems to indicate that the soda is completely sold out in many of the store’s locations and unavailable for online shipping. The answer to this may surprise you – according to redditor /u/HellraiserGN, Target employees may be buying the soda to re-sell on eBay as it’s bound to become a valuable collector’s item.

Another redditor, /u/viiiktor456 reported that they arrived at Target as soon as it opened and saw someone pick up every case of Nuka Cola available. It seems some stores may not have anticipated putting a cap on purchases of the soda, although /u/AckAttack6710 confirmed that at least one store limited customers to two per person and /u/Xombin reported that their store only allowed one per person. Target has not commented on whether or not there was a storewide policy to curb the problem.

While the bottles retail for $2.99, they’re already up on eBay for at least $20 per bottle. A few are even selling for $150 per bottle — and people are buying them.