Microsoft Reveals All 104 Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games, Includes Fallout 3

Microsoft has finally unveiled all of the Xbox 360 games you’ll be able to play on your Xbox One. The list is 104 titles long, and includes the complete Gears of War catalog, Assasin’s Creed 2, Fallout 3, Borderlands, Castle Crashers, all three BioShock games, Just Cause 2, and other gems like Halo Wars. You can check out the entire list here.

Director of Program Management for Xbox Mike Ybarra said today in the announcement:

“At Xbox, we believe that gaming is universal and should be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. Our philosophy since launching Xbox One two years ago has been to put gamers at the center of everything we do and create the best, most seamless gaming experience possible. We’re taking a major step forward in that journey on November 12 when we start rolling out the New Xbox One Experience with Xbox One Backward Compatibility.”

He makes note that new Xbox One Backwards Compatible games will be announced on a regular basis starting in December. So, if one of your old favorites did not make the initial list, chances are it’ll be made available in a future update. If you’re getting caught up in all of the Fallout 4 mania, but want to relive its predecessor and understand what the hype is all about, you’ll be able to do so. 

All 104 titles will be available to play on your Xbox One November 12 with the new Xbox Experience update.