Nintendo: NX Will Become Core Of Their Business At Launch (Bigger Than Mobile?)

Much of what you may have heard about the Nintendo NX is speculation and half translation. Now, however, we have official word on some details on the platform, and they may mildly shock you.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima gets into the very meat of the matter. As he puts it, the preparations they are making for NX will make it the core of their business once it launches. Nintendo believes NX could be more profitable than their mobile endeavors. We don’t know why that is yet, but the implication is that NX’s core gimmick or innovation is just that big.

Nintendo also discussed the NX indirectly, by discussing plans for a unified development environment. They explained their older approach, which was making a unique environment that would allow developers to use unique techniques to make quality applications. You can see how this approach worked on Wii and DS games like Super Mario Galaxy and Brain Age, but has failed them more recently.

Today, Nintendo realizes there are less limits on who can make games, that can be deployed to multiple devices, and is not dependent on a single hardware spec. As a result, their new platform will also be applicable to a variety of devices, and, in their words, ‘eliminates waste’.


So, Nintendo expects NX to be more profitable than mobile, with a platform that eliminates waste for devs, and will hopefully be as accessible to everyone as Unity. Nintendo will reveal more details about the NX in 2016.