Sony Is Surveying Select PlayStation 4 Owners On What They’d Like To See In The Next Firmware Update

The modern games console is a living product, one that goes through many changes and updates throughout its life cycle. The latest generation of games consoles is no different, and right now, Sony is fishing around to see what PlayStation 4 owners would like in their next firmware update.

The survey, which has gone out to a small portion of selection PlayStation 4 users, covers many of the features that fans have been requesting and discussing on social media and in video game forums, including custom backgrounds, downloadable avatars, the ability to delete items from your library or change your PSN ID. You can see all the options in the image above, courtesy of NeoGAF. If you're a PlayStation 4 owner with strong feelings about what changes should come next, check your inbox, you may have a chance to give your feedback to Sony.

via PushSquare