ESA Criticizes United Nations Cyberviolence Report

The Entertainment Software Association today released an official statement strongly criticizing the opinions and outdated research on video games in the United Nations report on "Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls."

ESA is the trade association representing the United States video game industry. ESA condemns the report as using "hyperbolic, outlandish, and outdated notions of video games and gamers."

The organization goes on to state that the report cites an opinion article written in 2000, "which is rife with antiquated views from noted and debunked anti-video game figures."

The report cites Lyndon LaRouche and his wife, Helga Zepp LaRouche, which mistakenly claim that infants abuse digital entertainment.

"This is an uninformed, misguided and unfortunate report. If the overall issue was not so serious, it would be laughable that the U.N. is citing this work. It is willful ignorance to utilize such incredibly outlandish and outdated data," said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA.

"ESA strongly supports empowering women and minorities and creating an inclusive digital environment that welcomes all perspectives. However, the U.N. does this important issue a great disservice and undercuts its credibility by spreading ridiculous stereotypes and false opinions."

You can read the ESA's official statement on their press wire.