Street Fighter V Will Not Contain On-Disc DLC

Capcom’s next mainline entry in the Street Fighter franchise will not have on-disc DLC when it is released, Capcom producer Matt Dahlgren has confirmed.

"There will not be on-disc DLC [for Street Fighter 5], for sure," Dahlgren told Game Revolution during an interview at the Tokyo Game Show.

Capcom has had shaky history where on-disc DLC is concerned, especially in the Street Fighter series. 2012’s Street Fighter X Tekken notoriously held what were to be PlayStation Vita-exclusive characters (Pac-Man, Mega Man, etc.) behind a DLC paywall by having them contained on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 discs of the game while requiring a future DLC purchase to be made on those platforms when the characters would stop being exclusive to PS Vita. Capcom’s explanation for including DLC on the console discs for Street Fighter X  Tekken boiled down to a technical decision, saying it would save hard drive space for players on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Street Fighter 5 is to make a global release on PlayStation 4 and PC early next year. Recently, Capcom revealed the system requirements for PC players and said that the PC version would use Steamworks for matchmaking.

Source: Game Revolution