Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Terrible Boss Fights Were Outsourced

deus ex human revolution

To say no one enjoyed the boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be an honest assessment. They're abysmal experiences that manage to throw you out of your play style, forcing you to resort to spamming grenades, bullets, and in the case of the final boss, make no logical sense whatsoever.

The characterizations—or lack thereof—of each of the boss characters certainly raises questions, especially when compared to the fleshed out personalities you encounter throughout the game. It's fair to say that a down-and-out man on the street in Lower Hengsha has more character than any of the big badasses flaunted throughout the game's pre-rendered cinematics.

It should be no surprise then, to discover that all of the boss fights were not developed in-house at Eidos Montreal, but rather outsourced to a little known studio called G.R.I.P. Entertainment, which might as well be a reference to GIRP given how poor the boss fights are in comparison to everything else in Human Revolution.

A Behind-the-Scenes video on YouTube with Dr. Paul A. Kruszewski explains G.R.I.P. Entertainment's approach to the boss fights—as if it were anything but physically and intellectually deficient. I honestly find it a little offensive because of how the boss fights mar the entire Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience with their presence.

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