Star Wars Battlefront Isn’t a Reskin of Battlefield, Says DICE

The makers of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront did not want their game to be a reskin of their Battlefield series of military-themed first-person shooters, although many people were expecting for it to be.

Instead, its creators say that they wanted the game to have a personality of its own compared to their Battlefield series and develop it as its own title.

In an interview with The Guardian, DICE General Manager Patrick Bach expressed the studio's intentions with the upcoming game.

“We have a strong legacy with Battlefield, but we did not want this to be a Battlefield game – we wanted it to have a heart and soul of its own,” he said.

“We came at it from a very different angle. We know that the core audience of a game like this is different to the Battlefield audience. There’s a crossover, but Star Wars fans expect a Star Wars game, not a Battlefield game. We looked at what Star Wars stands for, rather than asking how can we tweak Battlefield to be something else.”

Interestingly, Bach says that the game has been criticized by various quarters in the gaming public for being too much and not enough like the Battlefield titles.

“We’ve had to accept the fact that people will be upset with us until they get to play it,” he said. “When people saw it, they got it, they agreed that this is a game on its own, it is not Battlefield, and they liked it.”

Star Wars Battlefront comes out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 17, though DICE has stated that it is willing to delay the game for reasons of polish should the game not live up to their standards. We don't see that happening, though.