Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void Prologue Whispers of Oblivion Will Be Free For Everyone

Blizzard dropped a huge announcement for Starcraft 2 in today’s PC Gaming Show. Legacy of the Void isn’t quite ready yet, but in the meantime, everyone – and I mean everyone – will get a taste with Whispers of Oblivion.

Whispers of Oblivion is a three mission prologue for Legacy of the Void. It will serve as an introduction for everyone to the actual end of the overarching Starcraft 2 storyline. While Legacy of the Void will focus on Zeratul, who has always stayed in the background of the Starcraft games, Whispers of Oblivion will let us catch up to everyone’s story.

In the fallout of Heart of the Swarm, all three factions are preoccupied and looking to survive. The Terrans are busy rebuilding their civilization. Kerrigan, head of the dominant Zerg swarm, is no longer menacing humanity as she swears to kill Amon, a new threat facing all the races. Amon is out creating hybrid creatures, a violation of everything Protoss and Zerg believe in. Lastly, the Protoss campaign puts the focus on Zeratul for the first time, who sees an opportunity to retake their planet back. Zeratul acts to unite all the tribes under him.

Blizzard has promised that Whispers of Oblivion will be completely free. However, if you want to get Early Access, you have to buy Legacy of the Void to get into the beta. Blizzard explained they have one team working on the story campaign and another focusing on competitive play, so their attention should not be divided for any fan. You can sign up for the beta here.