GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Event Weekend Revealed

It’s time for the first weekend of GTA Online’s Ill Gotten Gains Event, this coming June 12 to 14, just before E3. Rockstar has outlined the events and bonuses that will be on offer below.

The Adversary Mode playlist will be twice as rewarding with Double Cash rewards for everyone playing. Furthermore, if you play through the end of the playlist, you will earn armory completion bonuses. These include sticky bombs, molotovs, proximity mines, and body armor.

Double RP is on for all races. By all, Rockstar means racers on land, sea, and air, so take whatever transportation you prefer out of the garage to get some work in.

If you’re still hustling to get some prime real estate, high end apartments and garages will only be 25 % off.

There will be an increase in crate drops around places like the race track, the yacht club, and Rockford Hills. The crates will come with 10,000 in-game cash, as well as some unique in-game t-shirts. These shirts come with faux renamings of top luxury fashion brands, and they will only be available this weekend.

Lastly, Rockstar is running a contest and a sweepstakes. For the contest, use the camera in your iFruit app and take a picture of yourself using some of the abovementioned Ill-Gotten Gains Event content. This includes participating in the races and playlists, and wearing those faux brand t-shirts. The winner get a million in-game cash. The Social Club is holding a Social Club Event Sweepstakes, which you can join in on fromthis page.

If all of that’s not enough, Rockstar intends to stream the event as well. You can learn more in the official newswire release here