The Witcher 3 Photo Mode Tool Allows You to Compose Fantastic Screenshots

jim2point0, a gamer who spends a lot of his time taking some of the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen of video game worlds, has put together a Free Camera/Field of View/Time of Day tool for use in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Designed to work like Photo Mode does in games like Infamous: Second Son and Grand Theft Auto V, the screenshot tool is basically a mod that uses Cheat Engine scripts that allow you to do the following things:

  • Freely fly around with the camera
  • Modify the Field of View
  • Pause the game (and still control the camera – great for action shots)
  • Change the time of day with hotkeys

While Cheat Engine is largely used for cheats, jim2point0 says that he prefers to use it to hack into camera systems so he can take better screenshots. 

If you're interested in using it to grab beautiful screenshots, check out his guide for the tool. Keep in mind that you'll need to download Cheat Engine to get this all to work. 

You can check out his photographs on his Flickr account

And now for the fantastic screenshots taken with the aid of this tool. 

Witcher 3 Freecam shots