Silent Hills Not Going To Happen, Confirms Guillermo Del Toro, PT Already Getting Delisted

Guillermo Del Toro has confirmed that Silent Hills is simply not going to happen.



Del Toro made the revelation in the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival. He mentioned it somewhat casually during a scheduled appearance, where he screened his film The Devil's Backbone, and talked in length about his career.

Silent Hills marks Del Toro's second abandoned video game project, after THQ cancelled inSANE, a similar survival horror game being developed by Volition. Del Toro has also spoken candidly about his passion for games, and his interest in making a 'Citizen Kane' for games. You may also remember Del Toro being tied to an abandoned Halo film project, and the ashes of this production leading to the creation of District 9.

While disappointing, the news is no surprise as Konami revealed barely 24 hours ago that P.T., aka Playable Teaser, was being removed from the PlayStation Store. Fans also noted the suddenly uncertain relationship between Konami and Silent Hills/P.T. developer Hideo Kojima. Kojima's name was removed from the game's site just last month.

Del Toro seems disincentivized to pursue a video games career further, but perhaps the future is not as grim as it seems. Spike Lee's involvement in NBA 2K16 just came to light. If the game proves successful, Lee could open the doors for film directors to be involved in games; a door that seems to be repeatedly closed to Del Toro.