Nintendo Has A New Secret Controller In The Works For The Nintendo Switch Platform

The Nintendo company has several different peripherals for the Nintendo Switch platform. Not only do we have the standard joy-cons, but there is the pro controller to more specific peripherals for games like the Ring Fit Adventure. However, it looks like we can soon add another potential controller into the mix. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about this controller quite yet.

Recently, Nintendo filed new controller materials to the FCC. We usually see diagrams of what the controller is shaped like, along with some potential features. However, Nintendo has requested that the controller be kept secret for at least six months. Ultimately, this would allow Nintendo to reveal the controller when they see fit. While the schematics are secret for now, we at least know that Nintendo has plans to unveil this new controller peripheral within that six month time frame.

There’s already plenty of speculation about this controller. For instance, there have been rumors of new platforms hitting the Nintendo Switch Online service. If you don’t recall, Nintendo offered controllers for both platforms officially. As a result, players could get a controller similar to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Perhaps this next controller is keeping up with the same trend.

Previously there have been rumors suggesting that the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch Online service. With that said, a new rumor is also telling that the Nintendo 64 platform is also coming, which could mean a Nintendo 64 controller peripheral is coming to the platform. The Nintendo 64 had a unique controller design that would be easy to spot from the schematics if they were readily available. Right now, all we can do is wait for the official unveiling to come out from Nintendo.